Exciting new features of ScheduleVIEW Appointment Scheduling Software Version 4, available for download and purchase NOW. Released July, 2015


We've worked hard and long to bring you this new version of ScheduleVIEW Scheduler Program. We've based these features on feedback from you our valued customers and are anxious to hear back from you on how you like the features; what we left out (if we didn't get your most Important new feature included in our list) and what , if anything, we still need to change to make it better.  Email me at harry at scheduleview.com with your feedback.

New Scheduling Map View: Available in PLUS and WEBSYNC only

If you have a service business in which your reps travel to clients homes or offices for appointments, you need to know where your reps are at all times. This new upgrade feature provides a simple map view of all of your appointments letting you know where your staff members are and how long they need to travel between appointments!

The scheduling map also shows available times before and after booked appointments, allowing you to geographically coordinate your technicians activities for maximum efficiency and revenue. This upgrade can even automatically create a schedule route? for each of your techs!


We heard you loud and clear, you want an affordable way to communicate appointment reminder messages to customers\clients\patients via text messaging. Available in STANDARD: PLUS: WEBSYNC Option only.

You asked for it, you got it.  We partnered with Twilio.com to bring you an affordable SMS Text reminder system.  Now you can right click an appointment and send a message individually, or select the whole day and send reminders to everyone scheduled for tomorrow.  Did you know that  In a 2002 survey by Harris Polling, 71% of patients said they would like more and better communications from their doctor and wanted the ability to make appointment requests online.  Our ScheduleVIEW platform offers functionality for clients to make appointments online; however, more of your clients will keep their appointments if they receive a reminder notice 24 to 48 hours in advance.  

Voice reminders systems can be expensive and difficult to set up. Email reminders are less cumbersome; however, many of clients wonâ??t see these reminders in time to adjust their other obligations and make their appointments.

SMS text messaging (PLUS System only) provides a simple, cost-effective alternative. Your text reminders will be pushed to your clients well in advance of their appointments for about 1 cent each. And because more than 90% of all text messages are read within 10 minutes of receipt, you can be assured that they will get your messages. 

The result? A much higher percentage of kept appointments which means greater productivity for you and your staff and more revenues in your pocket!  Cost for SMS Text Messages ? about a penny per text! Watch a short demo video here:


Timeline View: Available in STANDARD; PLUS; WEBSYNC only.

We've found that there's 3 kinds of people that use ScheduleVIEW; folks that love a "Calendar Type View" with time going vertical; "List Type" folks that  like simple text (our simple  Day view in list format);
and thats where we left it, without satisfying a 3rd group of wonderful customers that preferr the "Timeline View" where time is horizontal (Great for longer type appointments that might span a day or more).
Well now we've got you covered!   With vertical timeline view, it can be difficult to identify multi-day events, such as major installations or out-of area projects.  Now, we've implemented a new horizontal timeline view that makes identifying multi-day events at a glance simple. Watch a short demo video here:



Days Not Scheduled: Available in LITE: STANDARD; PLUS: WEBSYNC

The days not scheduled feature saves you time by eliminating the need for scheduling breaks on days for each of your providers on their days off. It also helps you quickly see which of your reps are not available, dramatically reducing the risk that a client appointment will be accidentally scheduled for a rep on his or her day off. Many of our current ScheduleVIEW users have asked for this feature, and we're happy to finally provide this valuable tool! Watch a short demo video here:


Color Coding Bars To Show % Utilization or Capacity: Available in LITE: STANDARD: PLUS: WEBSYNC

Identifying appointment volume at a glance can be difficult, but our new color coding system takes the pain out of determining how tightly your staff members appointments are booked.

If you have a low number of appointments scheduled for a certain day, you'll see a green color bar. If you have a moderate number of appointments, you'll see a yellow bar for that day. And, of course, you'll see a red bar for days that are booked solid or almost completely booked. This feature makes it easy for your reps to guide clients to days when appointment volume is low.  Watch a short demo video here:


Reading Pane View; Available in LITE: STANDARD: PLUS: WEBSYNC

You no longer have to double-click on a specific appointment from a list to view or edit the details of the appointment. Instead, you will see the appointment list on the left side of the screen, and the appointment details on the right. This feature makes getting details or editing an appointment easy, no matter whether you are at the office or on the go! Watch a short demo video here:



Instant Search: Available in STANDARD: PLUS: WEBSYNC only.

Need to find information about a specific appointment quickly? Just enter your query in the appointment search bar, and you will instantly get access to the exact information you need!Watch a short demo video here:

In the PLUS System, you can also customize the fields you want to see on the main screen letting you set up your scheduling platform your way!


Multiple Service Codes In Appointments: Avaliable in PLUS: WEBSYNC only.

You used to be able to just assign ONE service code for each appointment. NOW, you can assign multiple service codes to each appointment in PLUS and WEBSYNC editions.
Now you can customize each appointment to the specific needs or tasks that need to happen for a customer, patient or client.


A NEW Created\Last Modified tab In Appointments: Avaliable in PLUS: WEBSYNC only.

Want to know who made the initial appointment or who last changed it? NOW, you can Edit the appointment and go to the Summary tab to see who made the appointment and who last changed it. Watch a short demo video here:

Note: You must use Security to be able to see specific user information.


Windows 10 Compatibility: Available in LITE: STANDARD: PLUS: WEBSYNC

Our original ScheduleVIEW 1,2 and 3, were designed when Windows XP was the main desktop operating systems, but as the saying goes, "Times? They're a changing".  We've designed ScheduleVIEW to be compatible with Windows 10. This makes the software integrate seamlessly with newer laptops and Windows-based mobile devices, maximizing usability and giving you the power you need to control your business. Watch a short demo video here:

The new design also adopts the look and feel of these operating systems, making it intuitive and easy to use.  Here is a screen shot showing the look and feel with "gradient" color scheme:

To view a Video Demo of all the features, please click here on the picture or this link http://www.scheduleview.com/videos/sv4%20overview/index.htm


Any many other changes, improvements, and features... Cost to upgrade is $97 for LITE; $ 147 for Standard; and $ 197 for PLUS. Other options include: 1- Text messaging is available for Standard or PLUS users for $147 for the first year, and $99 yearly after that, PLUS an account with Twilio.com ; You'll setup an account with Twilio with a payment method, and they charge about a penny per text message. 2- Second option is for WebSync, available only with PLUS edition; this allows you to Sync your destkop schedule to the web; then any internet device (Home computer; Phone; Tablet; Laptop) can view; edit; make; or delete appointments from the web. This is a $147 setup fee and $297 a year.





ScheduleVIEW Version 4 Upgrade

(Requires Previous Equivalent Edition Purchased of Version 1, 2 or 3)

ScheduleVIEW Lite to V4 LITE 1 - 10 Existing Users



ScheduleVIEW Lite to V4 LITE 10-19 Existing Users



ScheduleVIEW Lite to V4 LITE 20-29 Existing Users



ScheduleVIEW Standard to V4 Standard 1-9 Existing Users




ScheduleVIEW Standard to V4 Standard 10-19 Existing Users




ScheduleVIEW Standard to V4 Standard 20-29 Existing Users




ScheduleVIEW PLUS to V4 PLUS for 1 to 9 existing users



ScheduleVIEW PLUS to V4 PLUS (for 10-19 users)



ScheduleVIEW PLUS to V4 PLUS (for 20-29 users)



Syncs your ScheduleVIEW desktop database with a special website that your staff can log into to make; edit; view; and delete appointments from internet devices or from home. This is for up to 10 Providers AND Resources.  For larger businesses with more than 10 providers\resources the cost is $100 extra a year for each.

$250.00 Upgrade from V3 to V4

$150.00 Setup Fee

Plus $300.00 for each year

$700 total.


SMS Text Messaging Option - For Version 4 Standard or PLUS users only. There is a $150License fee the first year, and $99 a year after.




Add more NEW users for Version 4 upgrade (NOTE: if you are upgrading from a prior version or are purchasing for the first time, additional users are $100 per user. If you add users later, after purchase, the cost is $125 per user)





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