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ScheduleVIEW Appointment Scheduling Software Version 3

Upgrade of  ScheduleVIEW

ScheduleVIEW Appointment Scheduling Software


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Look at what we have for you now!

ScheduleVIEW 3™

The Easiest to Use, Most Advanced Software for Appointment Scheduling in the World!

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Dear Scheduling Manager,

I am writing to tell you about our all-new ScheduleVIEW 3™ appointment scheduling software demo. I would also like to make you a very special upgrade offer.

You know what a challenge it is to get the right people to the right place at the right time. One little error can throw the whole day's schedule off, create unhappy customers, and put you at risk of lost revenue. That's probably why you decided to buy or at least try ScheduleVIEW 3™ in the first place.

Because you want your business, your efficiency, and your income to grow, I am sure that you will see the value of upgrading to ScheduleVIEW 3™.

Just look at some of these wonderful new features...

New Web Synchronization - Now Online Appointment Scheduler For Staff and Customers
Real-time scheduling via the Internet - Wonderful for service businesses, professionals, and medical offices

  • Post your schedule to a MyScheduleVIEW website
  • Automated periodic schedule synchronization
  • Users can access the same Group and Provider views available on the PC version
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly views displayed the same as they are on the PC.
  • Create, edit and delete appointments on the web Changes synchronize with your PC at the office
  • Customers can log in to the website, view their appointments, search for available time slots and submit appointment requests, which staff can confirm from the office.
  • To ensure privacy, customers can only see their appointments and available time slots
  • Customer contact information is accessible via the web
  • Schedule data instantly visible to anyone you authorize
  • Publish up-to-date schedules automatically.
  • Everyone is always up-to-date!
  • It's on the web where it's more accessible!
  • Great for working from home or traveling. Indispensable when conditions force rescheduling.
  • Now any Internet-connected device becomes an extension of your scheduling desk - think of the time-savings when customers can schedule themselves!
  • No HIPAA concerns for healthcare providers!
  • Everything you need for efficient scheduling is right at your fingertips, no matter where you are

New Customer Edit Screen
Newly designed, more intuitive, customer edit screen - Provides chart, insurance; and customized field tabs for better information organization

  • Easier access to Definable Fields, Customer Charts and Insurance information with new customizable fields and terms
  • Three character state field
  • Track primary and secondary insurance carriers deductibles, and co-payments
  • Create fields to track additional customer information, Create a running list of notes
  • Add fields to superbills\encounter forms
  • Collected Money field
  • Allows customization of more fields such as Directions, Insurance, Zip Code, State, and other field labels to suit your needs
  • Enter other country province abbreviations
  • Stay on top of vital insurance information
  • Keep track of work performed, conversations, or anything you would like, without space limitation
  • Modify according to your needs.
  • Track monies collected for each appointment. Old versions of ScheduleView only track the amount due upon completion of an appointment. The new Collected Money field also lets you track actual money collected
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New Map Feature
A valuable feature for businesses that dispatch technicians or sales representatives for field service scheduling.

ScheduleVIEW 3™... the fastest and easiest way to schedule events, groups, meetings, conference rooms, resources, and a whole lot more.
Upgrade Today and see for yourself!

  • Integration with Yahoo Map
  • Define map areas by city, county, state, region, or any geographical area to suit your needs
  • Color-coding of geographic areas
  • Color-code customers based on any type of information, not just geographic
  • Print or e-mail map with directions from anywhere to anywhere
  • Advanced editable Map Route report window
  • Great time saving feature - Locate customer, give directions to your business, book appointments nearby
  • Designate sales territories; classify customers into categories, plus many other creative uses
  • Dramatically increase efficiency for businesses sending people out on location
  • Can assign different colors to customer to indicate if customer has service contract.
  • Show route for all appointments scheduled for the Generate maps showing customer location and directions to or from your office
  • Print Map Route report showing route from office to first appointment, then to second, and so on for all for the day
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New Reschedule Appointment Feature
Great time saving and productivity feature that allows you quickly reschedule customers, clients, or patients.

  • Quickly, and easily, reschedule appointments.
  • Window displays all available time slots.
  • Editable date range, timeframe duration, and desired days of the week
  • Change appointment status terms
  • Just click on the appointment and select "Reschedule"
  • Select day of the week, date, and time slot.
  • Click the reschedule button, and you are done
  • Customize terms for appointment statuses - add statuses

New Dymo Label Compliant
Fast search upcoming appointments - Quickly print appointment card showing future appointments scheduled for a customer. Instead of writing everything on a card or paper, just print a label and save time!   Order your appointment book software update by calling 866-877-8555 or 941-255-3126.

  • Dymo Label Printer Future Appointments Label
  • Print on non-adhesive card, or adhesive label and stick to back of business card
  • Select date range, number of recurring appointments, etc
  • Save space, display more appointment information - no need to print company name, phone number, etc
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New Appointment Scheduling Software Demo Reports
Many useful reports that help you keep your businesses running smoothly, efficiently, and productively

  • Scheduled Revenue Report
  • Graphical Appointment Trend Report
  • Customer Statistical Report
  • Task List Report
  • Provider Analysis Report
  • Outlook Grid Report
  • Track amounts charged and monies collected
  • Analyze busy/slow periods
  • Track customer appointments for any date range
  • Track tasks for multiple or single providers
  • Track appointments and monies charged for individual provider, specific provider type, or all providers
  • Reports same format and data as Outlook printouts.

New - QuickBooks Synchronization for QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise.

  • Synchronize with QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise
  • Supports QuickBooks Jobs combining of appointments on invoices
  • Import Customer Jobs from QuickBooks
  • Combine QuickBooks™ invoices feature - Create invoices from multiple appointments

ScheduleVIEW 3™ is the easiest to use, most advanced appointment book software in the world! It is a powerful tool that will handle scheduling for multiple people, keep track of clients, print appointment lists, produce productivity reports, and more.

Once you start using this new software, you will wonder how you ever got along without it. You will eliminate scheduling problems, you will save time, and you will save money. Your business will run smoother, your efficiency will improve, and your income will grow.

ScheduleVIEW 3™ appointment scheduling software will fulfill your every appointment scheduling need. If you act now, you can upgrade at a minimum cost. If you are upgrading and you send us a fax or email testimonial on how our appointment scheduling software has helped and benefited your company, we will give you a 10% discount for upgrading.  You must act immediately, as this special offer will soon end.

Contact us now to get your rock-bottom price for your upgrade. Call us toll free at 866-877-8555. We will give you full particulars and price. Call us now!

Very truly yours,

Harry Selent


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We use the monthly view to find openings at a glance, and the drag-n-drop confirmation feature is great protection! The ability to print the chart is really good for my guys because that's how they're used to viewing their schedules. - M.A. , Satellite Installation

The reports such as "No Show" and the history of each client/customer is very helpful and has eliminated the need for several different bookkeeping procedures. - Jude, Music Instrument Sales and Instruction

... biggest selling point in my mind are the graphical represention of time scheduling and the network features. The network set up seems quick, easy, and the speed of updates is great. - Bob F., Computer Lab and Computer Dealer

With no help file or documentation I had the program useful in under 30 minutes. to me this rates a 10 for ease of use - Morris, Custom Bathroom Sales and Installation

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