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Privacy In General

This site does not collect information about you using transparent background processes. When using this site, you have the opportunity to submit forms that may, or may not, include personal information. In all cases, the purpose of the form is solely as expressed on the page where it appears on the site. Information submitted on forms is used solely by Selent and Associates Incorporated to provide information and services to you. We do not share it with any other agency or organization. You should understand that information submitted using the forms on this site is transmitted using regular email servers. This is not considered a "secure" transmission mode, and the absolute privacy of your communications cannot be guaranteed.

Public Forms and Forums

Message boards, interactive calendars and the like are intended to make information generally available to everyone. Information that you submit using forms of this type in the public area of this site is available to anyone on the Internet, and is also available for indexing by search engines.


This site sometimes uses "cookies" to aid you in page-to-page navigation and to provide other conveniences to you. A "cookie" is a very small text file stored on your computer, and updated from time to time as you move around and interact with the site. While your browser treats each page you visit as a completely new session, it is sometimes helpful to remember the state or value of some variable which is common to several pages. Browsers do this by saving that information in a tiny file, or "cookie", on your hard drive. This site never uses cookies to gather information about its visitors'.

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