Basic Functions Appointment Management Software Should Have

Appointment management software is more than a computerized desk calendar. To achieve the ultimate efficiency of such a project it should have several features.

First the program should have access to the roster of all employees, members, customers etc. Each of those contacts should include name, address, phone number, function and other information about the individual provider and or group.

Next, there should be a calendar function that does more than provide a list of dates and locations.

Individuals should be able to list their function, be it a meeting, an out-of-office conference, a vacation day or other event. Those events should be transferred to a master calendar for the department or depending on size the whole company. It does not have to include management and assembly workers for example, since they do not interact in such a matter.

When a person enters an appointment on his personal calendar, if it is a business appointment, it should also immediately be transferred to the master calendar. The program should then indicate if there is any conflict regarding time, location (who is using the main conference room) and other meetings where the same person has to be in two places at once.

The ideal software will also provide each person with a personal calendar that he can use to remember to pickup the children after school, meet with your stock broker, buy anniversary present, etc.

Everyone can have their own calendar, but unless there is some coordination, especially in a mid-size to larger company, there will be conflicts if there is not some means of communications.

The appointment calendar should be able to operate using the data that is already in the company’s data base if they are using something like Microsoft Access or other similar program, or an email program like Novell GroupWwise

With this method, when an address or phone number is changed, everyone will have the up-to-date information and if any employees leave or their job assignments are changed, then that information can be added.

There are programs that use SQL data bases and other methods but many are limited or have additional functions such as building a contact list of potential customers. That belongs in a separate database. As the potential customer becomes a customer, his information can be transferred.

Programs can be developed to where only a limited number of people can make changes to the master database or calendar. Programs can also provide an individual user database, where he can keep tract of other work-related contacts, acquaintances and even family members.

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There are many programs on the market that are aimed at maintaining membership data bases, which allow for contacting members or clients, but the calendar program is usually limited in some manner.

Finding or developing a medical appointment scheduling software program that allows the maintenance of the database and allows for individual calendars with warning of possible conflicts wither other events or employees would be a practical solution to dealing with ongoing office issue.


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