There is a minor glitch reported on come versions of Windows and Scheduleview. It happens when you start the program, and then it appears as if you never clicked the icon to start Scheduleview. SOMETIMES, if you look closely, in the bottom left corner of the screen, around the Windows start button, you’ll see just a little Grey bar, just right click that and choose to Expand it, or Maximize and you should be good to go. If on the other hand, you dont even see that grey bar, please download this little fix that should solve the problem. Click Here To Download and Run This Windows Fix Ater you download it, double click on it to open and choose the Correct Version of ScheduleVIEW on your computer, and click on that fix.

In Scheduleview we have a couple options for reminding customers of upcoming appointments.
1- We allow you to print reminders for postal mailing.
2- Perhaps the most effective, is Text reminders. Did you know that statistics show that over 90% of text messages get opened within 5 minutes of receipt? Thats too good to pass up! Whats why we partnered with Twilio to send text reminder messages. You’ll need to purchase a yearly feature to allow the integration (currently at $120) a year and Twilio charges less than a penny per reminder (thats WAY less than the postal stamp!). Call us at 866-877-8555 or 941-255-3126 to order.
3- We also allow you to send out email reminders. The problem here is that most email gets marked as spam or never gets opened by the end user. However we’ve created a video on how to set this up in ScheduleVIEW. The other problem here is that not all email accounts are created the same or have the same features and capabilities. You’ll probably end up having to purchase a support plan from us to set this up or troubleshoot ad its very difficult to get all the information needed , IF your email allows sending from third party programs like ScheduleVIEW.

Please watch this video to learn how to setup email reminders.

In version 4 of ScheduleVIEW we introduced the ability to show schedules on a map, so you can add a new appointment close by an existing appointment and to find available time slots near existing appointments.

Everything was working fine, until Google decided that it was going to start charging users for these services. The good news is that most if not all of Scheduleview customers wont be effected. However in order for maps to work correctly and location validation of exiting addresses, you will need to create a Google API key and instert this key into Scheduleview in order to use mapping and location features.

Please watch this video to learn how to create an API key and enter it into ScheduleVIEW.