I was talking to a customer today who was wondering about the Version 4 new features and just thought I would make a short Blog Post with a link to the website page that shows the new features.

Here’s a recap of some of the new fetures in ScheduleVIEW version4;

New Scheduling Map View: Available in PLUS and WEBSYNC only;

SMS Text Reminders to Customers\Clients\Patients;

Timeline View: Available in STANDARD; PLUS; WEBSYNC only;

Color Coding Bars To Show % Utilization or Capacity: Available in LITE: STANDARD: PLUS: WEBSYNC;

Reading Pane View; Available in LITE: STANDARD: PLUS: WEBSYNC;

Instant Search: Available in STANDARD: PLUS: WEBSYNC only;

Multiple Service Codes In Appointments: Avaliable in PLUS: WEBSYNC only, and more.

To view more detail please Click Here to Learn More About Schedueview Version 4

There is a minor glitch reported on come versions of Windows and Scheduleview. It happens when you start the program, and then it appears as if you never clicked the icon to start Scheduleview. SOMETIMES, if you look closely, in the bottom left corner of the screen, around the Windows start button, you’ll see just a little Grey bar, just right click that and choose to Expand it, or Maximize and you should be good to go. If on the other hand, you dont even see that grey bar, please download this little fix that should solve the problem. Click Here To Download and Run This Windows Fix Ater you download it, double click on it to open and choose the Correct Version of ScheduleVIEW on your computer, and click on that fix.

Experience the new ScheduleView Beta 4! See all the details here —-> http://www.scheduleview.com/appointment-book-version4.htm

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If you need assistance setting up the software don’t hesitate to call us. We’ll be glad to show you how to use it according with your business.  —> http://www.scheduleview.com/appointment-scheduling/scheduling-support.htm

Appointment Scheduling Software Support Assistance

Appointment Scheduling Software Support Assistance