When you are in charge of setting the schedule for your company’s employees, you have a very large job on your hand. Even if your company is small, making sure that everyone gets the hours they want, the time off they want, and everything is covered can be a full-time job in itself. Few of us have that much time on our hands, so finding a good scheduling software program is a good idea, even for the smallest companies.

When you are looking into buying a scheduling software program, there are a few key features that you need to look out for:

1. There will be times during the year when your staff’s schedule simply doesn’t change. Good programs will allow you to copy and paste a previous schedule into a new time period to save you time .

2. A scheduling software program that allows you to import data from a database can be a real time-saver. Instead of having to enter all your information into yet another program, you can simply import it from data you already have.

3. Not only do you want to input data, but outputting it to another source can be very valuable. For instance, if you have your staff’s schedule computerized, it is easy to translate that right onto a payroll.

Not all software is the same, and in many cases, they are as good as the user. So, make sure that the software that you choose is easy to use, and that you can make simple changes very easily. Staff schedules are notoriously difficult to manage, and since the point of this type of program is to save you time, the easiest it is to use, the more time you will save. And in business, more time means more money for you and your company.

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