I was talking to a customer today who was wondering about the Version 4 new features and just thought I would make a short Blog Post with a link to the website page that shows the new features.

Here’s a recap of some of the new fetures in ScheduleVIEW version4;

New Scheduling Map View: Available in PLUS and WEBSYNC only;

SMS Text Reminders to Customers\Clients\Patients;

Timeline View: Available in STANDARD; PLUS; WEBSYNC only;

Color Coding Bars To Show % Utilization or Capacity: Available in LITE: STANDARD: PLUS: WEBSYNC;

Reading Pane View; Available in LITE: STANDARD: PLUS: WEBSYNC;

Instant Search: Available in STANDARD: PLUS: WEBSYNC only;

Multiple Service Codes In Appointments: Avaliable in PLUS: WEBSYNC only, and more.

To view more detail please Click Here to Learn More About Schedueview Version 4


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