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This website is dedicated to helping you upgrade from version 1 or 2 of  ScheduleVIEWto version 3 and version 3 PLUS.

Note: this page is in the process of being updated, and is not currently valid for any pricing or update info....FYI- the upgrade price to version 3 starts at $149


Introducing ScheduleVIEW version 2 and ScheduleVIEW PLUS.

The new features of ScheduleVIEW PLUS include the following:

  • Save time and money and increase accuracy of your information with the new QuickBooks Synchronization feature.  This feature allows you to enter data only once, either in ScheduleVIEW(tm) or QuickBooks(tm), then run the ScheduleVIEW(tm) Synchronization feature on a regular basis to update each program with the current information in terms of Customer Demographic information.  Gone are the days where you have one address in one program, and a different address in the other program and you're sitting perplexed trying to figure out which one is correct.  Now just enter data once, and we synchronize the data in both programs.  (NOTE: this feature only works with QuickBooks(tm) PRO or Premiere 2002, 2003, or 2004.)

  • Save data entry time – just click on the add invoice button from the ScheduleView (tm) Appointment scheduling screen. to create a new invoice.  If you have NOT added a QuickBooks(tm) invoice from this appointment, the button with show ADD INVOICE- just click on it and you'll be taken to the QuickBooks(tm) ADD INVOICE screen for this particular customer (NOTE: QuickBooks(tm) must be open and running for this to take place, AND you must have already "Synchronized" the programs so that the data is current.  If you have already made an invoice for this appointment, the button will read SHOW INVOICE and allow you to view the existing invoice.

  • View the information you want about your client or the appointment schedule on the main scree.  Now you can customize what info, and the order that it shows on the main schedule grid.  Show only the information you want so that you don't have to go clicking around to get the information you need right away.

  • >Print the information you want to show on the Schedule Grid report.  Now you can customize the information that prints on the schedule grid report.  Print as much information or as little information as you want, AND be able to force the report to print onto more than one page in order to print all the information you want!

  • Coming Soon- Ability to Sync with MS Outlook.

  • Customize common terms to suit YOUR business!  Now you can customize the terms we use in the program; for example you can change Customer to PATIENT or CLIENT or DOCTOR or COUNSELOR or STUDENT; change Provider to STAFF or TECHNICIAN or INSTALLER; change Resouce to TRUCKS or ROOMS or anything you want!

  • The new appointment scheduling software will notify you on the screen when an appointment is due. We now let you add POPUP notes to remind you of when an appointment is.  Just set the options on the Appointment Screen as to what kind of popup you want, and how much notice you want before the appointment time.

  • Quickly navigate to Custom Future Dates!  Now we've added a new Tab on the left by the DAILY; WEEKLY; and MONTHLY views called CUSTOM.  If you book followup appoitnments 3 months from this week, add those days in the Custom tab so you can quickly view those dates.

  • Get the information you need from ScheduleVIEW(tm) Advanced Reports.  The new reports that have been added are:  Provider Email reminders; Customer Reminder messages; Customer Labels; Customer Letters; Customer Statistical Report; Provider Analysis Report:  Service Code Analysis Report; and a Waiting List Report.


  • PLUS many more changes and enhancements.  We've listened to your requests in developing this significant program upgrade.  If you have any suggestions or ideas, we'd love to hear from you.  Just send us an email at .  All suggestions become property of ScheduleVIEW(tm) Software.


To view a short FLASH tutorial on the new features, please Click Here   NOTE: You must have FLASH installed on your computer to view this tutorial; however 98% of computers already have it installed.



Some of you have asked why we are providing this upgrade at a Low Cost?  I'm sure you're aware that its not unusual for software companies to charge for such a significant "Upgrade". 

The answer is that we want to give you value for your investment.  And, we also want to help you discover how the additional new features of ScheduleVIEW(tm) software can help your business run more smoothly.  And in the future we do plan on charging for significant upgrades such as this.  But since this is our first major upgrade, we wanted you to be able to take advantage of it for free or low cost.

However, there is a catch. Not a big one, but here it is.  Since we've invested  tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in programming changes for this new version, we can't make that kind of significant investment in programming AND give free support for the new version AND mail new CDROM's and Certificates of  Authenticity to everyone.  So here's what we are offering.  You can download the new version and manual for free and pay our standard fee's for technical support, or if you want a new appointment scheduling software package mailed to you, you can pay a nominal $35 shipping and handling fee for that and then pay our standard fee for technical support.  Our standard tech support charges are $60 payable in advance for a block of ONE Hour of tech support. Each time you call, time gets deducted from that hour until it is used up.  Minimum time for each call is a ten minute charge. 

To recap, you have two options for upgrading to the new version of ScheduleVIEW(tm).  NOTICE -- Before upgrading ANY software program, please be sure you have at least TWO current backups of your data files.  You may use the backup feature in ScheduleVIEW(tm) or use your own normal backup routine in your office, AND we recommend copying your database files to a seperate folder.  When backing up or copying, be sure everyone is logged out of ScheduleVIEW(tm).  If you are copying or backing up and see a file with an extension of .LDB, that means someone has the program open.  Be sure everyone is out of ScheduleVIEW( tm) when backing up.

1st option is Download

Step 1 - Make a backup of your database; preferably TWO backups.  You should also copy your database to a different folder on your computer.

Step 2 - Downloading the new version  by clicking here.  (Remember to backup your database before installing the upgrade). Note; the file you are downloading is called scheduleview-demo.exe; although it says demo, you'll still be able to use it.  Just be

Step 3 -  To View the new manual in Adobe Acrobat Format, Click Here.  To download the manual, right click on THIS LINK and choose SAVE TARGET AS, then save the Acrobat document to a folder on your hard drive to open later with Adobe Acrobat. OPTIONALLY;  to download the new user manual in MS Word format, right click on THIS LINK and choose SAVE TARGET AS, then save the document to a folder on your hard drive and open it in Microsoft Word.

Step 4-  IMPORTANT - After downloading, you must send us an email to telling us your original serial number or invoice number; your company name; company phone and fax#, and email address.  We will then fax or email you the new registration information.  


2nd option is to order the CDROM and new Certificate of Authenticity for $

Step 1 -  Click here to be taken to the ordering page .  NOTE; be sure to enter your original serial number or invoice number when ordering.  You will be prompted for the number in order to continue your order.


ScheduleVIEW™ PLUS Tutorials:

The following topics are Macromedia FLASH based tutorials on the new features of ScheduleVIEW™ PLUS Version 2.  Please click on the topic to view a tutorial on that subject.  More tutorials will be added as we receive requests for them so check back often.

QuickBooks Sync New Today View option How to change the Schedule Grid
New Advanced Reports Pop Up Reminders Changing Terms

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

One of the most commonly asked questions after installing the new update is how do I change the width of my columns or rows.  Evidently on some upgrades this setting gets changed.  You may have setup certain column width's and row heights and after the update, its changed.  We're not sure how or why this is happening (but are investigating the issue), however to change it back, please click on the word FILE on the menu; then OPTIONS; CUSTOMIZE; CALENDAR Tab;  RULES; and UNCHECK the AUTO RESIZE APPOINTMENT CELLS; and make sure the "Prompt before resizing an appointment" is checked; then click SAVE on the bottom of that screen.


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We use the monthly view to find openings at a glance, and the drag-n-drop confirmation feature is great protection!  The ability to print the chart is really good for my guys because that's how they're used to viewing their schedules. - M.A. , Satellite Installation

The reports such as "No Show" and the history of each client/customer is very helpful and has eliminated the need for several different bookkeeping procedures. - Jude, Music Instrument Sales and Instruction

... biggest selling point in my mind are the graphical representation of time scheduling and the network features. The network set up seems quick, easy, and the speed of updates is great. - Bob F., Computer Lab and Computer Dealer

With no help file or documentation I had the program useful in under 30 minutes.  to me this rates a 10 for ease of use - Morris, Custom Bathroom Sales and Installation

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